Show Youtube or Photo Gallery Page

This post/article is for WordPress User Photo Gallery Plugin (WP-UPG)

The user posted youtube videos and pictures can be shown in grid/flat format to the visitors.

  • For this you need to create a New Page
  • The shortcode generator wizard must be visible above the content area. With this you don’t need to remember the shortcode, it is automatically generated.
  • Copy paste following shortcode within the bracket if generator button is not found.
    upg-list perrow=”3″ perpage=”30″ orderby=”date” page=”off” layout=”list” popup=”off” album=”test”
  • Publish

The above shortcode will execute  with this given configuration as below.

  • perrow=”3″ : This will display 3 image per row
  • perpage=”30″ : Total 30 images will be displayed per page.
  • orderby=”date” : The latest submitted will appear at first. There are several option to choose from.
  • page=”off” : The page navigation is off. If it is on and number is more then perpage value then page number is shown.
  • layout=”list” : There are several layout. This is default layout of Gallery to be displayed.
  • album=”test” : The is the category (album) slug name created under Plugin admin page.
  • popup=”on” : If it is on the Lightbox will be displayed for each image and youtube vidoe. If it is off, the detail new page is displayed for each one.


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