This is a full featured, completely automated Web Application that allows your website visitors to have fun creating and sending electronic postcards to their family and friends.

Application: ODude Ecard
CMS Platform
compat_25 compat_30
Type: ext_com ext_lang ext_mod
Developing since: 2005 A.D.
Latest Version: 3.0

Categories Management

  • Unlimited Categories and Subcategories
  • Separate banner and background of each categories
  • Highlight selected category at Ecard Homepage
  • Menu linking to list all categories with respective thumbnails on single page
  • Direct menu linking to selected category
  • Categories sorting as required.
  • ODude Ecard Menu module to list all categories as menu.

Ecards Management

  • Switch between ecard and photo gallery
  • Adjust number of ecard to show per row
  • Adjust number of ecard to show per page
  • Can add HTML/Javascript/Plain Text above selected Ecard
  • Direct menu linking to selected ecard
  • Admin & Guest can post JPEG pictures with dynamic thumbnail.
  • Admin can post JPEG picture with manual thumbnail.
  • Admin can post GIF animated images with manual thumbnail.
  • Admin & Guest can post YouTube URL as ecard.
  • Admin & Guest can post m4v,mp4 videos as ecard.
  • Admin & Guest can post SWF Flash Animated Movie as ecard.
  • Added EasySocial Point System (Option to set FREE and PAID ecard).
  • Options to publish/unpublish private ecard.

Search Engine Friendly

  • Separate META keyword and description of each card.
  • Facebook FBML Meta tags so that ecard image directly posted to facebook page on LIKE.
  • Social link share button (Facebook, Twitter, Above 100s Site).


  • reCAPTCHA v2 from google to save from spam
  • Watermark for each image
  • Enable/Disable Guest to send ecard


  • English
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German

Ecard Sender Options

  • Number of receiver can be added
  • Can specify DATE to send ecard. It will be automatically send on specified date
  • Option to PREVIEW ecard before sending.
  • Option to get notification when ecard is being picked up by receiver
  • Registered member can see MY MENU link for ecards uploaded by sender.
  • Multiple receiver will receiver personalized card.

Ecard Receiver Options

  • Limit the number of times the receiver can see ecard
  • Ecard notification will be received by Email with personal URL.
  • Private ecard sent will not be seen by other users in ecard gallery.
  • Receiver can reply with new ecard

Extra Features

  • Expiry date of ecards. So that database cleanup timely.
  • Statistics of card sent.
  • Show/Hide option for Posted by Username
  • Mobile View or Responsive layout
  • 2 Layout card_show & onepage

Integrated with EasySocial

  • EasySocial Point system is adopted
  • Reward user when uploading ecard
  • Separate rules for flash, youtube and static ecard
  • User need to pay some points to send ecard. Each card can have different pricing or point cost.

Long list still to go. So surmised as possible. 🙂