List Ecard Page

This page should be auto created during first time installation.

This page is required to display the ecards from specific category or list all in same page.

For this you need to create a page with a shortcode. The shortcode can be auto generated with the Envelop icon at the editor.

shortcode button

shortcode popup


This is insert the shortcode into the page.

For Eg. 
[odudecard-list perrow=3 perpage=30 orderby=date page=off layout=list album=birthday]

perrow: Total No. of ecards to be shown horizontally
perpage: Total No. of ecards to be shown per page
orderby: You can sort the ecard by many method. [Click Here]
page: This will enable or disable navigation. Eg. Page 1-2-3 [Click Here]
layout: This is the style of ecard to be displayed.
album: This is the slug name of Ecard Album. It is case sensitive.

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