Flexi Demo

Wordpress Flexi Plugin

Stress Free Gallery

Code Used:
[flexi-form attach="true"]
  [flexi-form-tag type="other" new_type="hidden" name="user-submitted-title" value="blank"]
  [flexi-form-tag type="file_multiple" title="Select File" class="flexi_drag_file" multiple="true" required="true"]
  [flexi-form-tag type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit Now"]

Select File

This is interesting and tension free shortcode presented by Flexi Gallery. Just insert flexi-form attach=”true” to any page or post you wanted.

The key points that makes it unique from other plugins are:

  • The Gallery & Form will be displayed automatically.
  • Submit post with live reloading
  • The post submitted will not be displayed on other pages where same shortcode is used.
  • Can use full shortcode features of flexi-form & read documentation.
  • No more copy/paste shortcode after we generate gallery as other plugins does.