Theme: [Slide Layout]

Theme: [Slide Layout]

This layout will slide the UPG post with lot's of user defined parameters.

Note: Pagination will not be available for this layout.

There are some extra parameters provided which can be used inside [upg-list] shortcodes.

list_name="any_name" This will give unique ID to the slide. It is required if you are using more then one slides on same page.

Eg. [upg-list list_name="upper" perrow="1"]

image_size="thumb" for thumbnail image

image_size="medium" for medium size image

image_size="large" for large size image

eg. [upg-list layout="slide" perrow="3" image_size="medium" ]

This layout is based on javascript.

Thanks to them. They really created wonderful script.

They provide lots of parameter and we can use all sets of parameter without installing additional plugins.

Default parameter is provided if nothing is set. Else you can specify your own.

Note: perrow parameter is used for slidesToShow . Do not use slidesToShow in parameters.

Note: The parameters passed should be in same line, do not hit enter or line break. Wrong parameter will stop working. Double check parameters & commas properly.

slide_param="....." Use javascript parameters as on

Eg. [upg-list layout="slide" perrow="3" perpage="9" popup="on" slide_param="dots: true, infinite: true, speed: 300,adaptiveHeight: true,slidesToScroll: 3,"]


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