Personal Layout

Personal Layout

It is special and most powerful layout of UPG. Due to this layout UPG developers can create almost any type of wordpress project where content can be displayed in own style and let users to submit those post from frontend.

Example & Ideas of using personal layout:

  • A image stock site can be created where photographers can post their images to respected albums. Those images details like camera information can be automatically extracted and displayed to users. LIVE DEMO
  • Company can showcase product and display required fields like price, availability, attributes  using custom fields available in UPG settings. Those product will be only submitted by store manager using backend.
  • Frequently Asked Quesiton (FAQ) sites can be created. Where user can ask question using UPG form and admin can display questions based on their categories selection. Records can be searched and navigated deep level. LIVE DEMO (It's current site you are reading now 🙂 )
  • Lot's more, think creative.....

Some of the default is already built in like basic, flat & list layout. To make personal layout use 'LAYOUT EDITOR' menu under 'User Post Gallery' dashboard.

One layout is created using different type of files.
For each important file there is separate tab.
Each tab have different instructions for the file creation which are timely updated as required.

After update or modified, the old files are deleted and recreated after the refresh of gallery page where respected shortcode is used.
Note: Even after update the file created will not be deleted. Update your personal layout code as to the current UPG version to run site smoothly.


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