No image is displayed in gallery

No image is displayed in gallery

First of all, consider checking UPG settings properly and complete all Important settings with Star icon.

You can submit post either from front end using [upg-post] as shortcode or from back end using 'Add UPG-Post' link.

All the post/images will be marked as publish as soon as posted only if in UPG settings it is enabled. Otherwise the post will be marked as draft, which is not visible at front end. You must approve image from your dashboard it order to get it displayed at gallery page.

The other case is:
Image/post is not displayed even if it is marked as published.

All the images/post will get displayed with [upg-list] shortcode. If you have used album name as parameter in upg-list shortcode, check if that image/post is under same album or not. Album slug name is case sensitive.


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