Install User Post Gallery Plugin

Install User Post Gallery Plugin

Follow the steps to install UPG (User Post Gallery) at WordPress.

Step 1

  • Login to WordPress Admin
  • Click on Plugins > Add New
  • Search For odude
  • At USER POST GALLERY click Install Now
  • Activate

Step 2:

Click on [Layout Editor] under [User Post Gallery]
This will create a required file for personal layout. This steps can be performed later only if you desire to have personal layout.

Step 4:

  • Click on [UPG Settings]
  • Under [Global Settings] tab, check all important settings. Which is very important.
    Make 3 pages (User Post Gallery, Post Image, Post Youtube Video) assignment on different selection. These pages are automatically created with basic settings as soon as you activated  or reactivated the plugin. You can also create your own page with modified parameters in shortcode.
  • You can skip [UPG-Post Gallery] tab and other's tab to as it is. Configure later as required.

Step 5:

At the sidebar of dashboard click [Help / System Check] under [User Post Gallery]
This will check whether file permissions are correct and also update permalinks as selection done at Setp 4. Permission errors will be shown here. If you need help with UPG, feel free to directly contact us at



  • how to allow multiple images upload?

  • admin

    Now it’s available in UPG PRO version.

  • Bethany Morris

    I want to add custom fields immediately after the description field. I’ve added the fields I want, but they show up below “Select Image”. How do I move them to the right spot? I also want the custom fields to display on the gallery images. How do I do that?

    • admin

      Currently you cannot adjust the layout of the submission form. But we are under development so that in future you can make your own layout.

  • samuel

    I’ve got a couple of issues using your wonderful gallery solution and i need your help. Currently i am sticking with the free version until i am certain that the plugin will deliver my desire. So I am building a review site with ULTIMATE MEMBER plugin to enable my users create fantastic profiles with fancy product image gallery. For this, only your plugin has given me up to 75% of what i’m intending to do, but i want more. So here are my issues:

    1. How can i make all images i uploaded under a given category be stacked under one thumbnail in users’s profile gallery display so that when the thumbnail is clicked on, the images under that category would be revealed, just like facebook “Photos” are organized into “Profile photos”, “mobile uploads”, e.t.c? i.e Photo Albums

    2. How can i allow each user create their own custom image category?

    3. Why can’t i edit an image in the free version layout?

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