Hide category in form submission

Hide category in form submission

You can hide option to choose category/album from submission page of image or video.

There is the option while creating 'UPG-Post Album' to hide particular album not to display at frontend. But even after you checked all albums as hidden the select dropbox is still visible at from.

You need to update personal form layout for this and use custom HTML code.

Follow the steps as below.
1- Open admin Dashboard > User Post Gallery > Layout Editor
2- Choose tab as 'Post Form File' or 'Post Youtube File' as to your requirement.
3- Select the layout to edit from "Copy code from" options. If you have previously updated layout then choose 'personal layout'.
4- Below you will see the html/php codes used to create submission form. Search for
<?php echo upg_droplist_category(); ?>
and replace with
<input name="cat" type="hidden" value="2" />
5- Click button below the html code to save/update the personal layout.
6- Edit/modify the page where shortcode [upg-post] is used. Add parameter to this shortcode as layout="personal". Which should look as example [upg-post layout="personal"] and save the file.

In above html code we make changed select input type to hidden. We set value as '2'. The value is the album ID. Every post must have some category associated so create any category and mark as hidden in frontend. Note down that album id and use in above value.