Create own form layout

Create own form layout

YES, you can create your own layout using css,php of your choice. You must be good at css & php before you do it or hire us for quick solutions.

To do it yourself, at admin dashboard go to User Post Gallery > Layout Editor

There is two tab Post Form File & Post Youtube File

Post Form File is used to create form for image upload and other tab is for Youtube post form.

You can hide title, change look & feel, change is orders, hide category, add extra custom fields. Instructions are at the right side of editor. Read it carefully.

A small bit code mistake may broke your site, at that time there is a link below the editor GET SAMPLE CODE. Copy code from that txt file to the editor and save it or copy that code to the path given above editor via FTP.

UPG Post Form: Personal Layout (/layout/form/personal1_personal_post_form.php)

UPG Post Youtube Form: Personal Layout (/layout/form/personal1_personal_post_youtube.php)


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