Create layout zip file

Create layout zip file

You can create a personal layout as zip file and export it other UPG site which can be imported using 'layout editor' interface.

For example:
Your layout name is sample

Folder structure should be as below

.. ---form
... ----------sample
. ----------------------sample_edit_form.php
. ----------------------sample_post_form.php
. ----------------------sample_edit_youtube.php
. ----------------------sample_post_youtube.php
.. ---grid
... ----------sample
. ----------------------sample_config.php
. ----------------------sample_pick.php
. ----------------------screenshot.png
. ----------------------sample_up.php
. ----------------------sample_main.php
. ----------------------sample_down.php
.. ---media
... ----------sample
. ----------------------sample.php
. ----------------------content.php

Go to the root of the folder (one step before sample folder.
Create a zip archive
make filename as

Filename must be in correct format and in small letter.
Eg. ''

form folder is for form layout
grid folder is for gallery layout
media folder is for preview layout.


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