Change Media Layout for existing posts

Change Media Layout for existing posts

You can update your media/preview layout existing UPG's post from admin dashboard.

Click on the post need to edit at "User Post Gallery"

At the right side you will see the option "Post Preview Layout"

Select your desired layout to change and update the post.


 How to update for all the post at once ?

This question doesn't have straight forward process. You cannot select all post and change media layout in one go.

You must have access to phpMyAdmin database tables so that you can alter the old value with new one.

Note: If any steps goes wrong, the whole site may get down. Do backup database tables before any modification.

  1.  Login to phpMyAdmin
  2. Select database where WordPress is installed.
  3. Select table **_postmeta (Eg. wp_postmeta , it can be different as configuration)
  4. Search for meta_key value as upg_layout
  5. Change meta_value to your desired layout name (case sensitive)

For example SQL query: (Do not run if you are not sure.)

UPDATE 'wp_postmeta' SET meta_value = 'personal' WHERE wp_postmeta.meta_key = 'upg_layout';

It will change all existing UPG post to have media/preview layout as 'personal layout'


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