Categorized gallery page

Categorized gallery page

By default the page (User's Post Gallery) auto generated after plugin activation will list all the post/images/videos on the same page ignoring the categories based on.

There is two way to show pages based on categories

  1. Enable UPG Album list widgets
  2. Create multiple page for each album

1. Enable UPG Alubm List Widgets

Widgets are auto installed as soon as you activate UPG but you need to keep place it to your desired page location so that it can be be visible to your visitors. To make it visible go to
Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets.
Search for Album List Widgets
Drag to sidebar or other location of your choice.

2. Create multiple page for each album

It is not good approach for them who have lot's of album. For example you have 2 albums named TOYS, DRESS.
Create two different page and keep unique shortcode on both of the pages.
TOYS page with shortcode as  [upg-list album="TOYS"]
DRESS page with shortcode as [upg-list album="DRESS"]
Create 2 menus for each pages at Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Menus



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