Add Post Gallery Page

Add Post Gallery Page

Post gallery can be shown in widget, post content or on a page, but you must have at least one page with gallery shortcode which is used through out the UPG plugin. It is very important to have this for the user friendly URL.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Admin Dashboard
  2. Click on Page > Add New
  3. Keep any title of your choice
  4. At content area type shortcode as [upg-list]

This page must be assigned or linked on the UPG Settings page. Do update just by saving your permalinks at Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks

Since [upg-list] doesn't have any parameters, it's settings can be changed from UPG Settings. The settings are applied to all the parameters which are not mentioned inside the shortcode.

The way the gallery is displayed may be different if you are placing it on a sidebar with the help of html widgets.

Example: You want to show a post with 1 image per row and total 4 images in the fruits album/category.
The shortcode will be
[upg-list perrow="1" perpage="4" album="fruits"]

Check upg-list shortcode parameters


One comment

  • Charles

    This plugin is too complicated. I’m trying to force myself to use it because I’ve not seen another option. When I see another straight forward and easier option, I will dump it.

    You speak of shortcodes and parameters and made the whole thing too hard and too complicated for beginners.

    Then again, it’s not easy to just copy the UPG LIST Shortcode, paste it on a Section of any page and get it to display all Galleries there. It seems all Galleries must display on the Pre-defined and Selected Gallery Page. This is a strong limitation. I believe the Gallery should appear anywhere once I paste the Shortcode there.

    I’ve not been able to get the Submission Form to work, and I’m still having trouble setting up User Registration and limiting User Access to the Submission Form with the plugin.

    I will appreciate useful guide and help.


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