Add Front End Submission Form

Add Front End Submission Form

The front End submission form for image/video url is created as soon as you activate UPG plugin.

You can make your own submission form by inserting the shortcode below into content area of a page or post.

There is two type of submission form.

Image Submission Form:

[upg-post type="image"]

Youtube/Vimeo Video Submission Form:

[upg-post type="youtube"]

Available Parameters of Shortcode for [upg-post]:

type="[image or youtube]" : Image or Youtube/Vimeo

preview="[layout name]" :  The submitted post will have basic layout as default.
e.g. To change layout of current post to personal layout keep parameter as [upg-post type="image" preview="personal"] .

layout="[layout name]" : To use personal layout use the shortcode below. You can create your own form style at layout editor.

[upg-post type="image" layout="personal"] .

form_name="any_form_name" : Sometime when there are multiple form on same page. The form may not work properly. So it's better to differentiate form with their name.
Note: Don't use any spaces or special char in form name. It will add hidden input field as form_name.

More controls of the form can be achieved at UPG Settings.

  • Show/Hide Description area of the form
  • Make image as compulsory input field.
  • Adding custom extra fields

ajax="true" : It will convert current form into ajax form.

login="true" : Only logged in user can view the submission form.


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