Action hook in Form

Action hook in Form

do_action( "upg_submit_form"); 

This action hook is placed between the form tag where [upg-post] shortcode is used.

Specially used, when extra form field is required. Eg. Captcha

do_action( "upg_submit_complete");

As soon as form is submitted, upg_submit_complete action hook is called. This is specially used on many features. Eg. Email Notification, Database update, etc.

do_action('upg_insert_before', $postData);

When form is submitted, it start submitting post fields into database. upg_insert_before is executed just before and data manipulation.

do_action('upg_insert_after', $newPost);

Just before the completion of form submission, and after all data is prepared to be saved, upg_insert_after will be executed. Finally when everything is complete upg_submit_complete is executed.


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