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Drag & Drop multiple files

Shortcode Used:
[upg-form class="pure-form pure-form-stacked" title="Submit to UPG" name="my_form" ajax="true"]]

[upg-form-tag type="post_title" title="Title" value="" placeholder="main title"]

[upg-form-tag type="category" title="Select category" taxonomy="upg_cate" filter="image"]

[upg-form-tag type="tag" title="Insert tag"]

[upg-form-tag type="text" name="upg_custom_field_1" title="Picture Location" value="" placeholder="Place name"]

[upg-form-tag type="article" title="Description" placeholder="Content"]

[upg-form-tag type="file_multiple" title="Drag & Drop multiple files" class="upg_drag_file" multiple="true"]

[[upg-form-tag type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit Now"]