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Manage Mime Type

This is one of the powerful features of Flexi. With this you can let almost any type of file to be uploaded by visitors.

By default it is off and only images & video URL are allowed to upload.

For example, you want to allow your visitors to post MP4 video file, which is not enabled at beginning.
Same step is followed for other popular extensions too.
Follow the steps below with images.

Enable Mime type from Extension Tab under settings
Select desired file type (MP4) under allowed options.

Click Save Changes to save the settings. Now you are ready to upload MP4 or other ready file types to select.

Add new File Type

There are some popular file-type or mime-type which are read with free version of Flexi. But you can add more file type which is not listed. For that first you must of Flexi-PRO license.
You just have to find out the correct mime-type of the file and enter into the text area separated with comma.
Mime type are case sensitive and carefully enter it and save the changes.

Additional file type for Flexi PRO users.

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