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Form Captcha

During form submission it usually happens that some robots and hackers submits post. Due to this may be thousands of unwanted entries got posted. Which will ruin the site performance and takes lots of time to delete. To prevent from this we should implement security code during form submission. So that only the verified user can post it even if he/she is not logged in.

We recommend to use capthca for everyone who let user to post without login.

You should have account at https://www.google.com/recaptcha and get required information from it. Which need to be posted in Flexi settings.

Enable captcha from Flexi -> Settings -> Extension tab

Obtain Site Key & Secret Key from https://www.google.com/recaptcha
Enter those information on setting page which is shown after captcha is enabled.


This all is makes you ready to use reCaptcha in your form. But this doesn’t mean it will automatically appear into the form.

You have to edit the Submission form and insert the shortcode to enable recaptcha

Between the shortcode of [flexi-form] insert the shortcode [flexi-form-tag type="captcha" title="Security"]
Check reference

Sample code as below

[flexi-form class="pure-form pure-form-stacked" title="My Form" name="my-form" ajax="true" type="url"][flexi-form-tag type="post_title" title="Video Title" value="" placeholder="" required="true"][flexi-form-tag type="category" title="Select Category" id="45"][flexi-form-tag type="video_url" title="Insert oEmbed URL" value="" placeholder="eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqyVWtWFQkY" required="true" class="pure-input-1"][flexi-form-tag type="captcha" title="Security"][flexi-form-tag type="submit" name="flexi_submit_button" value="Submit"][/flexi-form]

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