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Table Layout

This is “table gallery layout” introduced from Flexi 4.0. Here you can generate gallery in the form of table. You can list data into tabular format and can be filtered, sorted, search on the same page.
Thanks to DataTable 1.10.24 for this wonderful plugin. You can take help for more complex features.

Live Demo

Key Highlights
1- Display data or records in tabular format
2- Options to hide navigation, search (filter), sorting as required.
3- Can own generated display custom fields
4- Add own column and display them using own PHP function.
5 – Sorting tags, Flexi navigation is not required and hence disabled when using this layout.


[flexi-gallery layout="table" evalue="title:on,filter:true,info:true,ordering:true,paging:true,custom:on" php_field="Date:get_the_date:dS M Y,Author:get_the_author,ID:get_the_id"]

Let me explain what above shortcode does
layout="table" is to use gallery layout named “table”

evalue is used to pass several custom parameters specific to current layout.
title:on => Display title column
filter:true => Display search input box
info:true => Display page information
ordering:true => Enable column sorting
paging:true => Display page navigation
custom:on => Let custom fields to display over table

php_field is used to add own column and display records based on own php or ready functions.
get_the_date:Date => Add Date column which will use get_the_date function to display submission date
get_the_author:Author => Add Author column which display current post author name
get_the_id:ID => Add ID column and displays current post associated ID.

Screenshot displayed based on above shortcode

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