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Edit/Modify Page

This page is used when you want your visitors to modify own submitted content. Like updating tags, title, content etc. This page should only be accessible to logged in users.

This is a page which is automatically created with required shortcode as soon as Flexi plugin is activated.
No need to link this page to the navigation menu because internal links are auto generated within the flexi post.

This page use several shortcode and it is little complicated for first time users. The basic form is generated but you can add/remove the form fields as required. The default shortcode used is as below

[flexi-form class="pure-form pure-form-stacked" title="Update Flexi" name="my_form" ajax="true" edit="true"]
[flexi-form-tag type="post_title" title="Title" placeholder="main title" edit="true" ]
[flexi-form-tag type="category" title="Select category" edit="true"]
[flexi-form-tag type="tag" title="Insert tag" edit="true"]
[flexi-form-tag type="article" title="Description" placeholder="Content" edit="true"]
[flexi-form-tag type="submit" name="submit" value="Update Now"]
Click edit to modify Flexi post
This is achieved with above shortcode filled with submitted content

Remember the edit=”true” attribute at the end which makes input field editable.

To add thumbnail of the post currently editing, insert shortcode as below anywhere on the edit page. (v1.0.48)


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