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Purchase instruction

Thank you for having interest on Flexi-PRO. This will motivate us to update regularly with new features.

Step 1 (Selection)
Go to the Flexi-PRO selection https://odude.com/product-category/flexi/
Here you will find different sets of Flexi-PRO based on number of domain and expiry date.

Step 2 (Payment information)
After the selection, add to ADD TO CART & click on CHECKOUT button.
Enter your billing address & payment information
At last click on PLACE ORDER button

Step 3 (Download Flexi-PRO)
You must download Flexi-PRO plugin zip file and install at your website as regular plugin
Both Flexi-PRO and FREE version must be active.

Download Flexi-PRO zip file
Install Flexi-PRO
Both Flexi FREE & Flexi-PRO must be active

Step 4 (Activate License at odude.com)
Activate license key by clicking on ACTIVATE

Activate License

Step 5 (Activate License at your site)
Copy License Key and go to your website
Flexi Dashboard -> Flexi-PRO tab
Enter license key and click on ACTIVATE FLEXI-PRO

License Activated

Note: Sometime due to technical difficulties even after payment you may not receive license key or license key cannot be activated. Do mail at navneet@odude.com.

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