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Transfer to New Owner

1- Go to dashboard page by connecting your wallet

2- This page will show the domains you have registered.
Click on the domain you want to transfer

Click on “Mint/Sync Domain”. This page allows you to modify everything at blockchain.
You will need to get connected with Metamask.
This will check current connected wallet is owner of selected domain or not.
Note: It will show transfer option only if you are owner of the domain.

Enter the MATIC address where you would like to transfer the domain and choose whether you would like to transfer records. Make sure you’re entering an MATIC (polygon) address of a non-custodial wallet, if the domain is transferred to an exchange account the possibility of regaining control of it is slim to none.

Click on “Transfer” button.
It will ask you for transaction fee.
Confirm the transaction.
After confirmation, transfer box will get disappear only gets visible to new owner address.

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