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Register Web3Domain Name

To obtain web3domain name, is very simple task. With an example is explained below.

For example you need to register .sport domain.

1- Visit dashboard page.
2- Here you will have to connect your wallet into polygon main net.

After you get connected, you will be landed on user dashboard page. This page will contain all the domain name you have register. This page will be used for any modification in your domain later.

3- Type your domain name sport and click on search to check if it is available or not.

4- If sport domain is available, you will get “Register sport” button.

5- Recheck every details entered and give “Profile Name” which will be shown as a name for domain to others.

6- Congratulation, your domain is registered by but remember we have not yet minted it. Means, currently it is only booked by you without any fees. Now we must proceed for minting.

7- After you click on “Mint/Sync Domain” button. You will be asked to connect your wallet. Just login to your wallet from which you wanted it to get minted.

8- After you confirm your Metamask transaction, your domain is successfully minted for ever. None can take this domain name from you.

Congratulation, it’s minted.

To assign information to your wallet, you need to click on modify button and enter your details.
Be sure to click on “Assign records to Domain” after your records entered.

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