Sorting of Listed Ecards

Just you need to add orderby parameter to the shortcode.

To display product randomly

[odudecard-list perrow=3 perpage=30 orderby=rand page=off layout=list album=birthday]

To display product ordered by Title
[odudecard-list perrow=3 perpage=30 orderby=title page=off layout=list album=birthday]

You can do more.

  • none‘ – No order
  • ID‘ – Order by post id. Note the capitalization.
  • author‘ – Order by author.
  • title‘ – Order by title.
  • name‘ – Order by post name (post slug).
  • date‘ – Order by date.
  • modified‘ – Order by last modified date.
  • rand‘ – Random order.
  • comment_count‘ – Order by number of comments (available since Version 2.9).


  • David

    Hi – I’m trying to order my cards and do not understand two of the function. Can you explain exactly how to order by:
    (1) Title
    (2) ID

    When tried title I tried with numbers, letters, etc. and didn’t really make any difference in the order.

    Can I assign a number like 1, 2, 3 for IDs for a card and it put ID#1 first, then ID#2 second, etc? If so, how do I assign IDs to the cards. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


    • navneet

      Order by Title is sorting from A to Z
      Order by ID is the system ID given to post. Like Last posted first by date.


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