List Product Page

1-You need to create a new Page

2-Give Title of the page

3-At your Visual Editor you should see blue $ icon button for shortcode wizard.

odudes-all-products perrow=2 perpage=20 ptype=slug_name

  • perrow is No. of products to show per line
  • perpage is Total no. of products to be shown on one page. Pagination will be generated if product is more than specified.
  • ptype (optional) is a slug name of the product categories.


odudes-all-products perrow=3 perpage=15 ptype=watch

This will display all the products assigned to watch category. 3 rows will be shown and in total of 15 products per page.

odudes-all-products perrow=3 perpage=15

This will display all the products and categories will be ignored.

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