Important Settings after Install

As soon as you complete your ODudeShop Installation, you need to open ODudeShop Setting page by logging in into wp-admin administration page.

These steps need to get completed to fully function. 

1- Decide you need to sell Physical Product or Digital Product. You can sell any one type of product. Cannot sell both type of product at same time. Settings and Layout will be changed according to selection.

2- At Basic Setting tab assign the page to auto created page at the time of installation.
Cart Page => Cart
Checkout Page => Checkout
Order Page => My Order
Note: Avoid changing System URL now and in future.

3- Set Currency Sign($) and Currency Code(USD)

4- You need to activate at least one  Payment method. Else will get error at checkout page.

5- Set Country Options.

These 5 steps need to get cleared to avoid any errors.

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