Show Page Navigation

Page navigation can be shown if the number of images is increased then then number of image to be shown on per page is exceeded. wp-upg has used third party plugin for this (WP-PageNavi by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan). You need to Install & Activate it in order to work. The configuration applied at WP-PageNavi is applied same for WP-UPG.    

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Show Youtube or Photo Gallery Page

The user posted youtube videos and pictures can be shown in grid/flat format to the visitors. For this you need to create a New Page The shortcode generator wizard must be visible above the content area. With this you don’t need to remember the shortcode, it is automatically generated. Copy paste following shortcode within the bracket if generator button is not found. upg-list perrow=”3″ perpage=”30″ orderby=”date” page=”off” layout=”list” popup=”off” album=”test” Publish The above shortcode will execute  with this given configuration

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