ODudeShop is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell digital & physical products very easily.

We have tried our best so that it works with any existing WordPress themes.

This plugin is under development since more than a year. It has been modified and updated to match our various clients. It is successfully running in hundreds of commercial sites before we make it publicly free to WordPress plugin directory.

Physical & Digital Products

Unlike from other WordPress Plugins, Separate features for both type of products is available. At the time of installation user need to decide weather Seller want to sell physical or digital products. It is done so that unnecessary plugins and widgets will be stopped.

*** Physical Product

  • Force / No registration during checkout
  • Multiple pictures for each product
  • Ajax based upload process
  • Multiple variations for each products (Size, Color, Weight, etc.)
  • Extensible Shipping Process
  • Extensible Payment Method
  • Coupon Code for each product (Discount %)
  • Enable / Disable buttons as to the icon selection. (Available, Sold, Coming Soon)
  • Separate Tabs for each product.
  • 3 Key features to mention (Eg. Made In: USA)
  • Can set minimum quantity to purchase for each product
  • Stock Management
  • Multiple Tags and Categories
  • Special Price Offer with expiry date.

*** Digital Products
Some features as on Physical Products. Some Unique features is as below.

  • Can set FREE digital download for files priced 0.00
  • Force / No registration for free download
  • Hotlink protection to digital file
  • Files get unique name during upload
  • Multiple files to one product get zipped into single file.
  • Ajax based file upload


Add to Cart, Add to Enquiry or Hidden Button

Again this features is not available in other WordPress ecommerce plugins. Seller can set anytime which button to show or hide at the time of purchase. Separate features and feeling is different according to button selections.

*** Add to Cart

  • Ajax one page checkout system
  • Coupon Code for each product

*** Add to Inquiry

  • Ajax one page order products
  • Price can be hidden
  • No coupon code available

*** Hidden Button

  • Site can work as catalog site
  • Add to cart, Checkout function have no use

Extensible Payment Method

  • Any 3rd party plugin can be build to add new payment system
  • Paypal INS
  • 2checkout INS
  • Google Checkout
  • Money Transfer
  • Cheque
  • Counter Payment
  • Cash on Delivery

Extensible Shipping Method

  • Any 3rd party can add extra shipping method
  • Local & International Delivery
  • Charge as Percentage of total sale
  • Flat Shipping Charge
  • Handling Charge
  • Extra offer if purchase limit exceeded.